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A Whole New Level


So as most of you have heard, I now work at the lovely establishment which is GameStop. Here at GameStop, we have a whooooole new level of idiotic customers. I’m still going to say that so far, Best Buy still has the stupidest, followed by Hollywood Video–but customers are stupid no matter where you go.

Here are some frequently (unfortunately) asked questions:

“The Playstation 3 and Playstation 2.. what’s the difference, they’re the same, right?”

“The PSP can play DS games, right?”

“Do you guys sell GameBoy colors?”

“Do you have Halo 3 for the PS3?”

“PS2 can play PS3 games, right?”

“What’s a nunchuk? That’s a game, right?”

“What’s a blu-ray?”

“Do you sell games here?”

“This is GameStop, like, the corporation that has stores everywhere, like, right?”

Many more to come.