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“Yes, I am the manager.”

And here we go once more for one of Lady Miss Sonic’s POWER HUNGRY BLOG ENTRIES.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I’m not Assistant Manager because I don’t love my job and didn’t work my ass off. I didn’t beg for Assistant Manager because I didn’t deserve it. I deserve it, I worked hard, but yes, I am a power hungry FIEND. And when Jason is not around, I’m in charge. It makes me glitter with glee when he calls me “boss lady,” and tells me, “all right, you’re in charge. All orders come from you, and whatever you say goes.” This makes me feel, as Captain Picard would say, FULL OF WIN.

A lady walked in today and was like, “are you the manager?” And instead of saying, “no, I’m just a shift ma’am, I’m sorry,” I got to say, “yes, ma’am, I’m the assistant manager here. Jason isn’t here, but I can help you to the best of my efforts.” IT FELT AWESOME. The fact that I could express my power to the residents of Santa Barbara and Goleta, made me feel so fucking cool.

Lord almighty, I am pathetic. No, just power hungry. It’s kind of like that thing with badges. You know you feel way more fucking important (and cooler) than everyone else. All it is, is a plastic card with your name and picture on it, hooked on to some article of clothing. But you know what? You don’t give a shit about what it is; it’s the fact that you have a mother fucking badge, and that newfag over there does not. It’s even better when your badge has a leash, and you pull it so you can swipe your badge through shit to get into secret locations that newfags cannot breach.

Before I go on for five million pages on my power hungryness, I’m going to conclude this blog with a word of the week: dildobike.


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