How old is to old?


Many Many people have stated that my life closely resembles either a sitcom or a crazy soap opera. I must admit that after multiple incidents including my senior english teacher being in love with me, me and my bestie dateing identical twins and my father telling me my stepmother is expecting (20 year age dif between me and this kid btw) I have taken the cake. I have had my own wishes and desires come back to bite me in the ass. Those who know me will tell you that on several occasions I have been heard saying “I want to find my justin long character” I am of course talking about the awesomely realistic jerky but dashing bar owner played by Justin Long In “He’s just not that into you” That is the type of guy I want. Owns his own buisness, crazy funny, brutally honest and drop dead gorgeous. I have found him! Or more, he has found me. He’s everything I want in a guy plus some.

So whats the problem? He opens doors, buys dinner, compliments me constantly, wants to do whatev I want to do, owns a buisness and house, fucks like a pornstar….. How can I not be totally happy?

Because he’s 13 years older then me….. So how old is to old again?????


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