Srsly, I love my grandmas, even though the white one fills up my e-mail with ridiculous forwarded cute/joke things her friends send her and spends way too much of her money on quasi-useless crap from QVC and the guamanian one who I can barely understand and i’m pretty sure is probably homophobic. I wish i could get either of them to karaoke Bjork and Prodigy songs with me drunk. Can this lady be my grandma too? I want to karaoke “Enter Sandman” with her. Is “Enter Sandman” even available on karaoke? Maybe I can get her to play rockband with me at a a fairy-god-family gathering. I cant even play Rock band and I don’t even know the words to “Enter Sandman” or any metallica songs for that matter. Oh well. I want Betty White to be my grandma too. Can you even adopt grandparents? Betty White and this lady are my fairy god grandmas in my head.

and in case you were wondering, yes I have been called a “freak” before.


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