pop culture OMG peoples

So I have no clue how exactly to write out all I want to say right now so excuse me if I fail

1st off… Kevin Jonas is engaged. I’m not a jonas fan AT ALL, I think they’re unoriginal Hanson wanna be’s that cant sing and lie about their little purity rings BUT I have to address this. His girlfriend/fiance, NOT a cutie but at the same time he is “the fat hairy jonas” so it’s okay. And not gonna lie, I would totally tap Joe Jonas…. even if he’s wearing tights and heels and danceing to Single Ladies by beyonce.

2nd, Funny fever comment made by poor sick KyKy today….” So Cody and I have decided that sometimes Lady GaGa is hot, and sometimes… she’s a hot robot” hehehe, its so true it tickles me!

3rd, Micheal Jackson is dead, I know its sad because a pop icon died but all these people acting like jesus was just recrucificed!? come on! A month ago the same people were talking shit on his little boy touching and the such. I had a dream though that explained why all these celebrity people are dieing. So when rappers/hiphop people are attempting to sing and there’s those two or three sentances you cant understand except for a name? Really those rappers are going back to their african roots and voodoo cursing these celebrities! For example, that song “knock you down” by Keri Hilson has a line “this is bad, real bad, micheal jackson” THERE! THAT WAS A VOODOO DEATH CURSE!

I had more stuff to write but can’t think of any of it now. more laters LOVE YALLS

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