this is why i love my job..

So in our district there’s a PV contest going on, and there’s four teams: Team Roflcopter (my team duh), Team Hot n’ Juicy, Team Brutal, and The Previewed Vanquishers. Ever since this morning I’ve been telling Jen I’m going to turn her team into Luke Warm n’ Pulp and that Vince needs to change his team name to Team Girl Scouts. My inbox is completely full of crude and mean text messages sent from one manager to another, and Steve is just like, “LOL GUYS THIS IS SO FUNNY KEEP IT UP.” I told Steve I was going crazy and that I was going to fax everyone a picture of a roflcopter.. so I did.

My favorite text message out of all the hundreds that have been distributed today was the last one from Kenneth..

“Yeah! Well with all the drunk Roflcopters dumping Hot N Juicy Brutal PV sales on the floor instead of in our guests’s hands, who else to lead this team victory thannnnnnnn! THE PREVIEWED VANQUISHERS.”

It doesn’t sound funny until you ask me what the hell I was visualizing in my head while reading this:

I was visualizing flying a roflcopter while holding a 40 of beer and Jen falling out of the helicopter spilling all these weird hot, colorful gel-like liquids on the world while Vince turned into a Hulk-type figure and raged on the planet while Kenneth sat on his pirate ship and laughed at us to his entertainment.


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