have to say that of all the places I’ve worked none have come even close in comparison to the interesting conversations and tidbits I hear and encounter at safeway. Following are a few examples

Italian Guy: Yea, I like lots of garlic, I’m italian
Me: Yea, me too. I’m Sicilian though
I.G.: Uh oh, I gotta watch my wallet when I’m around you then huh?
Me: (giggeling like a dork) Oh cause I’m SUCH a criminal
I.G.;s friend: I don’t get it. I’m so lost in this conversation
I.G.: Thats cause you’re irish, go sit in the moonlight and get a sunburn, leave this talk to us.

(over the overhead)
Nive juicy melons that will make your mouth overfloweth with slobber

(also over the overhead)
All courtesy clerks report to the restrooms… (couple seconds later) Please come prepared.

Some lady attacked the security guard with her electric wheelchair because he “looked at her funny”… same lady later knocked an entire display of wine over and gave out a death scream.

Crazy Black Lady: Your manager was VERY rude to me. I need you to pass a message along for me. Tell him I POLITELY suggest he take a few days off cuz he’s to stressed and I WILL NOT be disrespected by him.
Me: I’m so sorry mam. May I ask what he said to offend you so?
C.B.L.: He thought I was stealing balloons
Me: I don’t know why he would think that.
C.B.L.: Me neither, I just wanted to take one as a sample
Me: ummm, I don’t think you can do that.

Me: Oh! Your baby is SO cute!
Mom: I know ain’t he… Let me tell ya, If you want a cute baby fuck a black man. Halfie babies are way cuter then white babies.
Me: …. walk away….

and perhaps the most amusing quote of them all

Jason: yea, you could say its a bad morning. We dropped 18 chickens, 4 turkeys and set the oven on fire. Bad morning… very bad morning



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