Fanime Highlights: I’m Still Not Over It

You drive four hours with all your stuff packed up and a grin on your face. You can’t wait. You’re about to be in a convention center for the next four days of your life with all your friends and essentially going to be attending the best party ever.

A room on the 21st floor awaits your arrival, with windows wrapping around the entire corner room, looking over the city of San Jose. You unpack your stuff, put on your costume, and clip on your badge all ready to go.

The memories that are created at Fanime are one of a kind. Not every Fanime is the same, each one is different. The only thing that is the same is the happiness and AWESOME that Fanime fills you with.

Only at Fanime can you..

..stay up until 7:00am after driving four hours by living off of Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew and playing arcade cames.

..actually run up twenty one flights of stairs because the elevators suck that badly.

..dance to the Slap Chop Rap in front of random people you don’t know.

..tell your manager you’re dead until Monday.

..refer to yourself as a Princess and a bunch of rovers as your noble escorts.

..not be able to use the hottub on the third floor because ten minutes prior to your arrival, there was a diced tomato fight.

..invent drinks such as “Mountain ‘Cardi.”

..laugh when your friend drunkily operates a treadmill.

..dress up in costumes in the middle of the year.

..make so many new friends that you lost count.

..eat overpriced $9 nachos and not give a SHIT how expensive and overpriced they are.

..drink for four days and not feel the consequences until the day you get home.

..dance with your friends until the break of dawn.

..dance in the windows wearing nothing but your underwear.

Those are only but a few memories that are created at Fanime. There are so many more, and so many friends you meet that your mind goes into a sensory overload. And once Monday morning rolls around and you’re carrying your stuff down the stairs and into your car, you actually feel tears building up. Fuck a vacation in Cabo. Screw a trip to Europe. Forget that backpacking trip in Peru. Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING will have you feeling better than four days of costumes, nerds, video games and booze. NOTHING. If you thought a nice vacation to Hawaii gave you that, “shit back to reality,” feeling when you got back, honey, you’ve felt NOTHING. Fanime 2009 was most definitely the BEST Fanime I’ve been to (and I’ve been going since 2006; so that’s four Fanimes), and I’m still feeling that “post-con ecstasy” that usually only lasts a few days.

Fanime 2010, I wish you were right around the corner.


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