Shit. I accidentally got back into MTG

At least I’m not using it as a money sink hole…I just use my old cards.
A couple of friends in my Philosophy class got me back to playing again.

tl;dr flavor: hey look at this->

From the MTG rulebook
102.3. There are several ways to lose the game.

102.3e If a player would both win and lose simultaneously, he or she loses.

∴ Applying logic correctly and assuming you’re following the rules of said game (which you already lost three times by now), you can’t win the game. I don’t care who you are: any attempt of being clever and finding a loophole will further prove your ignorance.

Randall Munroe I’m talking to you. (http://xkcd.com/391/)
You’re not funny and your comic is shit.

It’s kinda weird though. I play Magic with strangers at school and (unless they are MTG FO LIFE/ I PURCHASED 3 CARS WORTH OF CARDZ/I GOT THIS RARE GUY IN ENGLISH, JAPANESE, SPANISH) sweep the table with my OG stuff. It is interesting seeing all the pretty new cards…though it’s weird that I’m owning people who claim to have played for awhile. They don’t know half of the things I play and they see my “clever combos” as a new and ingenious  (makes me feel like an oldfag).

Makes me analyze the world a bit though. Nerds and outcasts (I maintain this observation towards the far end of the cafeteria at my school where…said clique always resides…to be honest I don’t think some of them have any classes), who are generally failures at social interaction, can circumvent this  by playing strangers with cards that represent creatures in an epic battle between two planeswalkers (two magicians in a duel)…and I’M FUCKING BETTER AT IT THEN THEY ARE LOLOLOLOL



1 Response to “Shit. I accidentally got back into MTG”

  1. April 24, 2009 at 2:35 am

    OH MC. Dude, you win the game. And I just lost, like, four times.

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