If These Bongs Could Talk: First Edition!!!!

People say funny things when they are high. They usually forget them. I how ever, decide to record them into my blackberry. These are our brains on weed. Enjoy.

1:”Oh was I annoying?”
2:”No, they just went down the street to touch each other’s special places”

3:”I don’t want to be a sparkly vampire! because who the fuck would be afraid of glitter?!”

2:”I don’t believe in kitties! they’re not real!”

1: “I think weed makes us better people whether we are high or not”
3: “We might be more talented when We’re high”

1: “I guess I’m flattered, but calling me Kate Moss is like calling me short which is like calling me asian which is like calling me small penis!”


1 Response to “If These Bongs Could Talk: First Edition!!!!”

  1. April 22, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    2 cents from me ” I love this girl but…”

    “Do you know who I’m”

    “you are crazy”

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