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Trashy Lately 04/10/08

-Tatjana informs me that citi has a credit card associated with myspace. Confused, I ask “What’s the point?” She tells me “You get points for music downloads or something.” I reply “Oh, I thought you got frequent internet miles or something.”

-Some crazy radical political group is on campus trying to get people to care about their beliefs. I walk by their booth and one of the members comes up to me and asks “Hey, are you a smart guy?” I tell her “No!” and keep walking.

-My mom and I are listening to the Lady Gaga CD in the car. She says “Lady Gaga kind of sounds like Gwen Stefani.” I get confused at this idea and say “I guess if Gwen Stefani was a disco drag queen, she would be Lady Gaga.” She nods in agreement.

-Tyler, Kass and I are talking about sex really loudly on my front lawn. Somehow this ends up with us dog piled on top of each other on my lawn. Tyler says “I feel something on my leg.” I announce “If I had a hard-on, I would tell you!” I turn my head and see this guy and his 8 year old daughter staring at us as they walk by. I yell “Hi!” they keep walking.

-I am learning how to skateboard.

-Melissa was supposed to partying with me one thursday night. I text her thursday afternoon ask if we are still on for tonight. She informs me she can’t because she has work and it’s a big project. I assume she is talking about Nations and ask “What?! Are you making a giant cheeseburger?!” she says “No! my other job with the computers!”

-The student council elections were this week, and representatives for both teams were out in full effect trying to get people to vote for them. They have been coming up to me for the past 2 weeks trying to get me to care. This eventually causes me anxiety every time I walk on campus because they keep talking to me and they are all asian exchange students and I cannot understand what they are saying. One day a representative walks up to Holly and I. I freak out, run away waving my arms and screaming “I don’t have time for school politics!”

-I ask Tyler if my blue American Apparel V-neck works with my grey acid wash jeans and Burberry rain boots. He looks at me, rolls his eyes and announces “You are RJ Rojas!”

-Tyler and I are walking into the mall, still discussing sex. At some point, while walking through the door, I say “Sex” really loud. This middle aged lady looks back at us, startled, and starts walking really fast. I run up 5 feet behind her and start thrusting my hips while yelling “Sex!” She starts walking faster. Tyler and I just fall over and start laughing.


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