Return Of The Internetz

Things that have changed:
-Clearly we are on WordPress now.
-I am pretty much mentally stable for the first time in literally 10 years.  Save for the fact I’ve pulled knives on people twice while drunk at tyler’s. It’s a rare occurance.
-I am sort of nice all the time now.
-I’m just straight up not fucking with prescription pills anymore. it was a recurring thing in high school and got really bad last semester. I’m just done.
-I have actually been trying to be productive with my existance.
-I have grown out of the “Trash Nasty” alter ego. It was too Jekyll/Hyde/Beyonce/Sasha Fierce for me.
-I am literally in love with pop music and power pop and pop punk. again for the first time in literally 10 years
-I am over animal prints.
-I drink and smoke less-ish
-I love weed.
-I am trying to gain weight/muscle.
-My friends are all almost car-less.
-I’m all of a sudden really crafty. like arts and crafts and sew-y crafty.
-I am cuter

Things that haven’t changed:
-Thai’s are still my favorite asians.
-I am still in a relationship with raquel, married to abie, and in a sexless and passionless gay marriage with tyler.
-I still dont drive :(
-I am still always late to class
-Lady Miss Sonic is still so pale that she is transparent.
-I will still beiing doing “Trashy lately” posts
-I am still cute. :D
-I am still awkwardly open about everything. being awkward is no fun if you’re going to be quiet and awkward.  And surprisingly I’m not bitter and jaded towards anyone.

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